The New Zealand Alpine Team is a new concept for climbing in this country, it is born of a desire to support and encourage aspiring young Kiwi alpinists looking to improve their mountain skills. Eight of New Zealands best alpine climbers have volunteered their time to mentor a future generation of alpinists. In doing so they are hoping to help a group of young climbers to learn valuable skills and knowledge that might have otherwise taken them many more years to acquire.

The programme takes four - six applicants, aged between 18 and 25. These students are then given three years of intensive training, with trips and expeditions around the world to further their climbing skills. Our trips will include ice climbing in the Canadian Rockies, big wall climbing in Yosemite, expeditions to Alaska and South America with a final expedition of the three year rotation to Asia or the Andes.

Our first intake of students was in 2013. Trials for the next intake of students will be held in October 2018 with those successful applicants starting the New Zealand Alpine Team training programme the following year. To be considered for our trial you need to send in to us a CV of your rock, ice and alpine climbing, along with a brief description of yourself and what motivates you, before the 31st of May 2018. We are looking for applicants who either have a wide range of general alpine climbing - rock climbing experience or we will also consider applicants who have a high degree of skill in one particular climbing discipline. For example we would expect that most applicants would have completed several climbs in both summer and winter of a MC grade 2-3 or higher. We would also expect that applicants would be able to lead a minimum of grade 18 using traditional protection and had some experience ice climbing. However if you are an exceptional rock climber or have climbed harder alpine routes but your rock climbing skills need improving still apply as we are looking to build a group with a broad range of skills. We also expect all people applying to have good cardio fitness. As such our trial in October 2015 will cover cardio (hill running), trad climbing & dry tool climbing.

If you think you fit the bill and would like to attend our 2018 trail, please send a brief application, including a summary of your experience to date and an outline of your climbing goals to nzalpineteam@gmail.com

The New Zealand Alpine Team is an initiative of the Expedition Climbers Club Incorporated.