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Safety Alert: Avoiding common, preventable climbing accidents

Wednesday 1 March 2017, 7:19am -- Anonymous (not verified)

abseil with rope coils - Copy.JPG

Daniel Joll abseiling with coiled ropes to prevent the knotted ends from being stuck on a windy abseil

Karl Merry Schimanksi

We are propagating accidents, injuries and deaths. In almost all commercial industries, when multiple near misses or similar accidents occur, they are analysed and methods are instigated to eliminate the causal factors. Even rats in a maze learn not to make the same mistakes multiple times. But it seems the climbing community hasn’t yet learned. All too often I hear of people either dying, being seriously injured, or narrowly avoiding catastrophe due to the same preventable errors.

How To Climb Faster On A Multi Pitch Route

Wednesday 10 July 2013, 7:53am -- daniel.joll


Daniel Joll leading on an ascent of the Brenna ridge Mt Guilmette Fitz Roy Massif

James Meighan

There is nothing more frustrating than moving slowly on a long multi pitch route. Saving a few minutes on each pitch can often mean the difference between spending an unplanned night out, getting caught by a change in the weather or making it back to camp early with enough time to be rested for the next day of climbing. Learning how to safely increase your efficiency and speed on a multi-pitch route will also open the door to longer challenging climbs.

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