Macpac Nitro Pullover Review

Wednesday 17 July 2019, 11:35am -- Anonymous (not verified)


Kim Ladiges wearing the Nitro Pullover at a bivvy at the foot of the Grandes Jorasses

D. Joll

The key to keeping a layering system light for alpine climbing is keeping the ratio of shell weight/insulation low, in other words, the maximum amount of insulation with the least amount of shell.

One way this can be achieved is by having fewer layers - a big down jacket and a small down jacket have a similar shell weight but one has far more insulation. Wearing a lot of layers with shells also reduces breathability.

However, having fewer layers comes at the cost of versatility - you are always either cold, or sweating. 

Macpac Pulsar Plus

Monday 15 January 2018, 1:04pm -- daniel.joll

Belay NF Cholatse .jpg

Belay North Face Cholatse

Matt at another cold belay on the North Face of Cholatse

Daniel Joll

Macpac Pulsar Plus concept by – Daniel Joll , review by Matthew Scholes

I was sitting in El Chalten, Patagonia, with Kim Ladiges after a successful but particularly wet and cold ascent of the Ragni route on Cerro Torre. In total we were out for six cold and wet days. Often sleeping in our tent on top of a bed of water. We were talking over our ideas for the perfect synthetic belay jacket. Something that would perform well in cold, damp environments and also had a technical cut allowing you to easily climb while wearing it. We used the Pulsar, but felt we wanted something a bit beefier for cold conditions. The concept for the Pulsar Plus was born from this conversation.

Macpac Prophet Jacket

Sunday 11 December 2016, 10:51am -- Sarwan Chand


Macpac Lightweight Prophet AP Rain Jacket

The Macpac Prophet- a solid and super reliable jacket.

Sarwan Chand

After doing the maths on my trusty old Macpac Paclite jacket and realizing there were more patches than actual jacket, I knew the time had come for a new one. I’ve always had good performance out of Macpac jackets in the past and the Macpac Lightweight Prophet AP Rain Jacket didn’t disappoint. A jacket is one of the most important pieces of clothing for any climber or mountaineer so it’s important to get a reliable one which performs well.

Macpac Fitzroy Soft Shell Pants Review

Monday 7 November 2016, 11:56am -- conorsmith24


Pete questing upwards on virgin terrain on the West Ridge of Taulliraju wearing the Macpac Fitzroys

J. Morris

If I had to describe the Mac Pac Fitzroy soft shell pants in one word it would be AWESOME. The Fitzroy is Macpac's premier soft shell pant which combines breathable stretch and high water resistant materials that make a well-rounded performing mountaineering and rock climbing pant in cooler conditions. The Fitzroy pants are made of 50D stretch fabric with DWR treatment for water resistance which means they wick water extremely well for a soft shell pant.

Macpac Pulsar

Sunday 19 July 2015, 7:56pm -- steven.fortune

Owen near summit De La S.jpg

Owen near the summit of De La S

Daniel Joll

The synthetic puffy insulation jacket is a cornerstone insulation piece. I have had one in my bag for almost every trip I have done in the hills, for almost the last 10 years. It is extremely versatile and useful. It is my choice compared to a fleece or down jacket in most circumstances. It is warmer for the same weight than a fleece, as well as wind and water resistant. A good down jacket can be warmer for the weight, but with a sacrifice of robustness and performance when wet. I originally used one as a 'belay jacket'.

Salewa Mountain Trainer GTX

Monday 4 May 2015, 3:39pm -- Pete Harris

Salewa Mountain Trainer Patagonia.jpg

Daniel Joll with his Salewa Mountain Trainers on the Tyrolean in Patagonia

Steve Fortune

I’ve been wearing these approach shoes for three months. Usage has included extended bouts of bush-bashing in soaking wet Fiordland jungle; long approaches to single-day rock climbs in the Darrans; multi-day tramping trips on reasonably well-formed tracks, one short transalpine trip involving glacier travel; and general use like going to the crag or the supermarket.

Macpac Alpine Climbing Gloves Review

Saturday 28 March 2015, 3:14pm -- daniel.joll

Macpac Glove.jpg

Testing out the new Dash glove on the classic Darrans climb Labyrinth.

Daniel Joll

It has been several years since I felt Mapac had gloves in their range suitable for alpine climbing.  I am pleased to say this is now changing.  Up until the 2015 season the main Macpac glove that I wore on a regular basis was the Stretch Fleece Glove. This is one of the better base layer fleece gloves I had found. Both the fit and size are perfect for cold approach walks or ski tours.

Rose Pearson's picture

Prophet XP Lightweight Jacket

Friday 27 February 2015, 1:35pm -- Rose Pearson

I first used the new Lightweight Prophet Jacket on an ice climbing trip to Canada. To be honest, I hadn’t given much thought to what jacket I brought, as I didn’t expect it to get much action. It turns out, even in temperatures as low as -20°C, Canadian ice is often running with water. Fortunately, the Prophet was more than up to the challenge.

Rose Pearson's picture

Sealskinz Gloves All Season Gloves - A Review

Wednesday 14 January 2015, 7:59am -- Rose Pearson


The Sealskinz 'All Purpose Gloves'

Rose Pearson

I’ve been using the ‘All Season’ Sealskinz Gloves for five months now as my primary set of technical mountaineering gloves and have been very impressed. Although not marketed as a mountaineering glove, I find they meet my needs well over a wide range of conditions and activities.

Rab Superlite Shelter 2 Silbothy Review

Friday 17 January 2014, 2:51am -- daniel.joll

Jono BOTHY Bag.jpg

Jono Clarke taking a break at the base of the Supercaneleta Mt Fitz Roy Patagonia. The bothy bag kept us warm and dry while we brewed up in freezing windy weather.

Daniel Joll

I have been using the Rab 2 person bothy bag for 6 months now. This is the first bothy bag I have ever owned so do not have any good reference when comparing it to how other similar bags work. I can say however how I have found its performance in a variety of alpine situations and how it compares with a standard bivvy bag.


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