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Remarkables Ice & Mixed Festival 2016

Wednesday 31 August 2016, 9:07pm -- alastair.mcdowell


Remarkables Ice and Mixing Climbing Festival

Climber on the West Face of the Telecom Towers

Gavin Lang Photography

Now in its fifth year running, the Remarkables Ice & Mixed Festival is becoming a must-attend event on the NZ climbing calendar! Climbers from all around the country and overseas gather in Queenstown for a long weekend to learn and practice basic mountaineering, ice climbing, mixed climbing and ski touring.

What is this 'Alpine Team' all about: Reminiscing on two years in the Team

Sunday 29 March 2015, 10:51pm -- Pete Harris

2015 Applications Advertisement.jpg

Applications are open for the NZ Alpine Team

Jaz Morris

I’ll never forget that feeling of irrepressible euphoria I felt late one evening in the middle of May 2013, when I received an e-mail from Steven Fortune offering me a place on the New Zealand Alpine Team. I’d always been a bit of a fan boy for top climbers; avidly reading about their exploits in the Climber and Alpine Journals, dreaming that one day, in some parallel universe, I too might be able to do something like them. Needless to say, when Steve noted that the other Christchurch mentors were Jamie, Kester and Reg, I was beyond ecstatic.

Rose Pearson's picture

BMC Winter Meet

Thursday 13 February 2014, 10:21am -- Rose Pearson


Ben Eighe, Tripple Buttress. From left to right - East Buttress, Central Buttress (Pigott's route) and West Buttress.

Rose Pearson

The BMC International meet is held every winter. It's a fantastic event bringing together climbers of all abilities from around the world to experience some of Scotland's finest Mixed and Ice climbing. When I found out about it in August 2013, I was particularly keen to attend on NZ's behalf as I was preparing to immigrate to the UK. I did hesitate, however, as I was effectively bed ridden at the time with a broken pelvis. Eventually, I reasoned it would be pretty much healed by then, so I should be able to climb 'something'. I downgraded my mixed and WI abilities accordingly and sent off my application.

Darrans Winter Meet. New routes in the Darrans sent by NZAT members

Tuesday 20 August 2013, 9:22am -- daniel.joll

2013_07 Rose.jpg

Rose showing the boys how its done.

Jaz Morris

Several members of the NZAT made the most of average conditions at the recent Darrans Winter Meet, putting up three new routes in the Homer/Macpherson area. Saturday 13 July started clear and cold, promising a good start to the week.

However, finding only thin ice at lower altitudes, NZAT member Ben Dare (Queenstown) went searching for better material. With Danny Murphy and Steve Skelton, he put up a new ice route in the upper Macpherson Cirque 'The Elusive Leprechaun' (III, 5).

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