Kester Brown

Kester is a climbing all-rounder, he has tried out most styles over the years. He prefers rock climbing, and his favourite place to climb in NZ is the Darrans.

These days he sits at a desk, but still does a fair bit of climbing and skiing when he's not surfing or looking after his wee one.

Kim Ladiges

Kim grew up in Tasmania, where he began tramping and rock climbing. At the age of twenty he
spent six months in the European Alps and became hooked on alpine climbing. He has made first
ascents in Canada, Alaska, Patagonia and Nepal. He is currently trying to learn if high altitude
climbing can be fun.

Lionel Clay

With over 35 years of climbing experience predominantly focusing on technical and sport climbing I became involved with NZAT after spending three weeks with them on their 2017 Canadian ice climbing trip.Inspired by the individual mentee’s rapid development and the supportive environment that existed in the team I decided to get involved. I’m greatly looking forward to the challenges trying to keep and aging body fit enough to keep up with ‘the young ones’ and helping the mentee’s and their generation of climbers mature into stronger, more proficient and safer climbers.

Matthew Scholes

Matt is our Australian based mentor for the NZAT. Due to the lack of real mountains in his home country he was forced overseas at an early age making expeditions to Pakistan, Peru, Europe, Patagonia and Alaska. Based in the Blue Mountains near Sydney Matt gets plenty of time out rock climbing at his local crags. Matt honed his ice climbing and big wall climbing skills in North America and has also made many trips to NZ for climbing in the Southern Alps.

Pete Harris

Pete was selected as part of the New Zealand Alpine Team in 2013.  Pete grew up on a steady dose of tramping adventures around the Canterbury foothills and Arthur’s Pass. Eventually, this strong foundation of tramping morphed into long trans-alpine trips, and ultimately climbing, around the South Island. Since beginning study at Canterbury University in 2010, climbing has ensured that he retain his sanity through five years of university, with every ‘Study Break’ or holiday being put to good use somewhere deep inside a National Park. Ironically, Pete discovered the joys of rock climbing shortly after most of the nearby crags in Canterbury took a turn for the worse, post-earthquakes.  In time, with a bit more skill and prowess on rock, ice and mixed terrain, Pete's keen to turn his sights to the challenges of more ambitious new routes and exploratory climbing; both in New Zealand, and further afield.

Pete completed a period of mentoring from 2013 to 2016. During his period as a mentored climber Pete made several notable ascents including the first ascent of the West Ridge of Mt Percy Smith in NZ and ascents of Denali, Alaska, and Alpamayo, Peru.

Reg Measures

Reg is a NIWA scientist and motivated alpine climber based in Christchurch. Originally from the UK he has a strong background in trad, Scottish mixed and European alpine climbing. The appeal of more adventurous sparsely populated mountains drew Reg to New Zealand in 2010. He enjoys hard technical climbing but his biggest satisfaction comes from moving really fast on sustained slightly less technical ground. Reg has made first ascents in Kyrgyzstan, Peru, UK and New Zealand.

Rose Pearson

Rose was selected as part of the 2013-2016 round of mentoring. During this time she moved to Europe where she got a kick out of british trad climbing, the french alps and scottish winter climbing. Over the years, she has climbed extensively in New Zealand, Australia, the UK, the French Alps and the Canadian Rockies. Although Rose enjoys all forms of climbing her favourites are rock climbing and multi-day alpine ascents. Notable ascents include the a winter ascent of the North face of Aiguille Sans Nom in the French Alps, and first ascents of the West Ridge of Taulliraju in Peru, the West face of Mt Blane in the Canadian Rockies, the South face of Mt Hutton in NZ.

Sooji Clarkson

Sooji Clarkson is a keen climber based in Christchurch who joined the team in the 2019 intake. She excels at rock climbing and has welcomed the chance to join the team and build her alpine skills.

Steven Fortune

Steven grew up having adventures in the rivers and hills of Fiordland from a young age, but didn't discover climbing until later in life with the Canterbury University Tramping Club. For 5 years, Steven lived in Edinburgh, Scotland, working as a Postdoc researcher in medical imaging. His new-found passion took him trad climbing in the hills, sea-cliffs and quarries of the UK, Scottish Winter Climbing, to the European Alps climbing alpine rock, valley ice, and big alpine north faces.

Steven has been on expeditions to Alaska, climbing the Moonflower on the North Buttress of Mt Hunter, the Cassin Ridge on Denali, Nepal, attempting 2 unclimbed faces in the Khumbu region, and 3 trips to Patagonia climbing numerous routes, and one to Peru as well as rockclimbing in Yosemite and the Bugaboos.

He has moved back to New Zealand, working as an imaging engineer in industrial automation. He has climbed numerous new routes, from committing rock routes on the Kaipo Wall, ice and mixed routes in the Darrans in Winter, to mixed cragging test-pieces in the Remarkables and on Ruapehu. Although not a very strong rock climber, he's working hard at getting better and loves nothing better than applying the skills of hard technical climbing on big mountain routes.

Tim Macartney-Snape

Tim Macartney-Snape has been dabbling in all forms of climbing since University in Canberra during the mid to late 70’s. After becoming the first Australian to climb a peak above 7000m, he went on to make many ascents in the greater ranges, the most notable being new routes on Gasherbrum IV, Annapurna II and Everest, all in a lightweight style.He lives in the southern highlands on the south-west rim of the Sydney basin.